What's this all about?

There is a new unexplored universe beneath our feet.
Are you up to the challenge of helping us to explore and understand it? 
Come and look at the small soil creatures, learn about them and at how 
important they are then get involved with promoting their well being.

    What do we want to achieve?
      Quite a lot.. But in short
  • Look into this new world
  • Explain the relationship between soil animals and ourselves 
  • Describe which soil animals can indicate healthy soils
  • Find out how the different groups of life in the soil are interrelated
 How much do 
you know?

Test  your knowledge 

Try the quiz 

   News Bites 
  What's happening?
Wormy Welcome
November 2016

To celebrate the arrival of the giant wormery Guy Thompson and Charlie Clutterbuck will discuss the wormery and the life beneath our feet.
BBC Gardeners World
Gardeners' World
October 2017

BBC Gardner's World  (#GardenersWorld)  broadcast an episode featuring soil animals and our very own Dr Charlie Clutterbuck.

Soil Sisters
 Soil Sisters
July 2015

Dr Charlie was asked to demonstrate the 'Living Soil' to the Soil Sisters in Bristol.
Winter Gardens
Winter Gardens
October 2015

Dr Charlie Clutterbuck made a special appearance at 'Dishing the Dirt' a performance meal hosted at the famous Winter Gardens pavilion.

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Charlie featured on BBC Gardeners World (Nov '17) showing the role of soil animals
Gardeners World

Charlie recently wrote a book called Bittersweet Brexit, with a chapter on Land, that picks up on many of the soil issues in this site.
Bittersweet Brexit

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