Most of the content of this site is written by Charlie Clutterbuck. He has three degrees in Agricultural Science, 
Some recent talks include
Strange World of Soil Animals (Gatsby) at Gatsby Programme on 'Strange life of Soil Animals'

He also spoke about Implications of Brexit on Soils and Labour. Conference in Manchester on Implications of Brexit on Food & Farming May 2016

These soil animals are pretty hard to distinguish, so there aren't many people around to count them. However I was one just such person. I was one of those who could. And did. I counted half a million small arthropods. It took three years. It was part of my PhD thesis on 'The Effects of herbicides on soil mesofauna'.  I was awarded the doctorate degree by Wye College, London University, then the most prestiguous Agricultural College in the world. It is shut now.

Thanks to Emma Stroud who has designed this site, so It is now much clearer what is going on, and the subject matter more interesting to read.

The joint aim is to bring to life these little specs of soil life, otherwise ignored.