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KS 1-2

What's in your mud pie?
Find out about the monsters and heroes that live under our feet.
Primary School

Sixth form 
KS 5

Ready for a challenge? Help us solve the mysteries of 
the unknown world of small soil creatures. 

Curriculum for Excellence 

Soils offer unlimited possibilities for interdisciplinary learning across the Curriculum for Excellence.
Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
KS 3-4

There's so much going on under our feet and lots of it is essential for our survival. Find out more about this mysterious world. 

National Curriculum 

We believe that the great new undiscovered territory of the small soil creatures is right on the ball for the science curriculum.
National Curriculum

EU Resources for Schools teaching Soils, including

Soil Net - UK (En) identifying soil threats
Dig It!  (En) FAO Educational booklets for children 5-13
British Society for Soil Science (En) 5 main threats 
Soilscapes (En) Interactive soil map
UK Soil Observatory(En) Resources and data sets
Stem Learning - Rocks and Soils (En) 8 lesson plans
Teaching Soil (En) recommended activities
Dirt Doctor Website (En makes soils enjoyable
Just for Kids (En) concentrates on biodiversity