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Soil AnimalsFriedrich Schaller"There are few more fascinating frontiers in biology than the life histories and behaviour of the many small invertebrate animals that live in the soil"

Soil Biodiversity Factory of Life European Commission "Scientists estimate that at least about one-quarter of species on planet Earth live in soils. This is the factory of life. Its workers are micro-organisms, small and large invertebrates, small mammals, even plant roots"
Soil & Civilisation Edward Hyams "Calculations of success in terms of money return per man-hour-energy-acre instead of food value return is still with us and the lamentable social consequences are still being 

Know your soil bugs. Part of Learning form the Land series from Innovation in Agriculture
Teaching Toolkit Soils' Got talent Competition
Elaine Ingham Roots of our Profits on how to ensure healthy soil.
Edward Hyams is my favourite. He has similar politics, was around Wye College when I was there, and found old Roman vines round there that led to the replanting of grape vines in Britain. Wrote brilliant Soil & Civilisation.
Let's not forget Charles Kellogg in the States who replaced . National Cooperative Soil Survey. - what needs to happen now, but wont.

Some social scientist should do some work on how the 'Soil' has droppped in terms of importance over last 50 years.
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BSSS British Society of Soil Science Aims to promote the study and profession of soil science.  
CAP Compliance Cross Compliance Guidance & Soil Management This Guidance should be read in conjunction with the new Soil Protection Review 2010. 
EU Commision on Soil Thematic Strategy Latest at http://ec.europa.eu/environment/soil/pdf/COM(2012)46_EN.pdf 
Food Ethics Soil - A fragile foundation In 'Analysis', 'Don't treat the soil like dirt' says Charlie - author of this site. 
LEAF LEAF & ASDA Simply Sustainable Soils Simply Sustainable Soils shows way to check health of soils 
One & only Earth Nature Geoscience Role of plants and soil in unique evolution of our Life on Earth 
Planet Earth online NERC Podcast Monitoring Soil Health & Complexity 
Soil Biodiversity EU Atlas of Soil Biodiversity Photographs, informative texts and maps to explain and illustrate the great diversity of life in the soils across Europe 
Soil Biology Primer National Resources Conservation Service USDA e-book with all chapters, but not all photos 
Soil Ecology Applied Soil Ecology Journal Addresses the role of soil organisms and their interactions in relation to: agricultural productivity, nutrient cycling and other soil processes 
Soil & Health Library Justin Crawford Access to e-book versions of famous Soil and Health books, now out of copyright 
Soil Protection Soil Protection Review 2010 To tackle degradation threats to soil 
Soil Systems Cranfield Aims to understand how the physical, chemical and biological constituents of soils are arranged in space and time. 
Summer http://www.summerofsoil.se/soil/ Summer of Soil: Online tutorial on the importance of Soil 
USDA Healthy Soil Overview of basic soil quality concepts, a soil quality glossary, and an online Soil Biology Primer 
WOSSAC World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue  Provides a secure home for soil survey reports, maps, imagery and photographs  
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