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Moving around

Links to short video clips of Small Soil  Creatures coming to life...

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Click for short video of these creatures moving about:
One of the first to come out of the extraction process from pasture soil are Sminthurids..that are a bit like little bunnies

Springtails from woodlandWodland Springtails sniff about , whilOribatid mitesOribatid Mitesmove around
SminthuridssSminthurid Springtails from pasture  spring, while here is a Snow Flea Snow Fleaaccording to Tom Waits

Wotonearthisthismovinglikethis ??????What is this racing about?(I'm going to open up a way to exchange ideas of what this creature is).

We are sure that many of you can do better than this. Better focus, better chat, better creatures. So we have set up a Youtube Channel to collect short video clips (say around 1/2 minute)

Soil Critters  Dr. Patricia Q. Richardson gives us a fascinating look into the critters living in healthy soil, especially our springtail and mite friends.
Terry Tollefson Extraction and microscope studies inc tradigrades and rotifers.
Allison Jack Selected soil invertebrates inc millipedes, pseudoscorpions.mites
When you watch you have to ask: "What substance is SO sticky?"
Collecting WoodliceWoodlice collecting
This is possibly the best video of live soil creatures. It start with oribatids walking about, then a pseudoscorpion followed by some sort of predatory mite, then tiny sminthurid springtail, then big  symphlyan (like centipede). Later woodlice.