!!!!! GOOD NEWS  Government to introduce new bill to "mandate measures to improve UK's soil health amid fertility crisis". Ms Pow (PPS to DEFRA Ministers) said "that a section of the agriculture bill, due to be published later this year, will emphasise soil health and indicated that the bill was likely to set a target of reversing soil fertility decline and restoring its health across the country by 2030." More on Soil Health

Living Soil SymposiumMarch 2018 Oregon Living Soils Symposium"The Symposium is a Community coming together with a wealth of knowledge in order to speed up the process of transitioning from something wringing the Earth dry of her resources, to something Regenerative and Restorative for her e
cosystems. We invite you to join this Community," Sign up to catch the proceedings from the Symposium on youtube and their website after the event.

Sustainable Soils Alliance official launch in parliament Oct 2017. "SSA is a partnership of businesses, campaigning organisations, the applied scientific community, academia, governmental and non-governmental organisations working together to reverse the current crisis in soil health. " Secretary of State for Agriculture Michael Gove promised the earth.

May 22 2017 Parliamentary  Reception 'Soils in Crisis'. "will bring together political, corporate, NGO, agricultural, academic and environmental leaders with economist and risk experts to create a strong, irresistible network to initiate and create momentum for change". Presumably they will remain in crisis with the election kicking in.

World Soil Day
Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Check out postcards. eg Soil Organic Matter. "The global loss of the SOC pool since 1850 is estimated at about 66 billion tonnes (±12), mainly caused by land use change"
Soils for Life
Soil Association Videos of Tardigrades Earthworms
I am having difficulty finding anything that the government, in the form of DEFRA or the Environment Agency, have produced to recognise the day.

Charlie was at the Incredible Edible  AQUAGARDEN