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Winter Gardens


Blackpool’s famous Winter Gardens Pavilion played host to a special meal with a difference on Saturday 24 October 2015. Dishing the Dirt was a performance meal created by artist Kerry Morrison, of artist collective In-Situ, and FoodRiot chef Gill Watson which took audiences on a culinary adventure through sustainable food.
The meal was full of surprises and not for the faint hearted with special contributions throughout including one from vegan taxidermist Nicola Jane Hebson, star of Channel 4’s All Creatures Great and Stuffed, plus a special appearance from 'soil expert Dr Charlie Clutterbuck'!.

Tin can auger

And in order to deliver this, I collected samples from a variety of soils and used tin can augers to collect the soils. For the extraction technique - see DIY. This had to be done prior to the visit , and then take the samples there.
 DeliveryCharlie @ winter Gardens

The video of soil creatures was played above the heads of diners - that big blob at top left is springtail going by..

Sky or Soil?
Time and again we hear that we have discovered another planet, and the first question asked is: "Is there life on it?" Yet we cant be bothered to look at all the life under our feet.
12 quadrillion little soil creatures, each moving around with a gut, amny with legs and each carrying out essential work to keep our soils healthy. How many people can identify one of those 12,000 trillion little specs of life?

Charlie @ Winter Gardens